Lawrence Aboucaya a été invitée par Alain Ducasse
à officier du 15 mai au 15 septembre
dans le restaurant “La Cour Jardin” du Plaza Athénée.

A l’origine, Alain Ducasse découvrant la cuisine de Pousse Pousse.
Un coup de coeur ( il avait tout dévoré ! et tout adoré, miam,
gâteau au chocolat cru compris !) devenu joli petit conte de fées.
N’hésitez pas à relayer l’info …

In another life, she was a fashion journalist and interior designer. Since 2003, Lawrence Aboucaya has introduced us to a delicious form of eating that detoxifies and keeps us feeling – and looking – great.

An expert in organic cuisine for many years, Lawrence has a passion for sprouted grains.
Her restaurant/boutique isn’t called “Pousse-Pousse” (or “Sprout-Sprout” in French) for nothing –
it offers a large selection of grains and wheatgrass shots in a very convivial setting where customers feel at home. At Pousse-Pousse, you can opt to eat-in or take-out delicious vegetarian meals, and can also learn to make Pousse-Pousse’s delectable creations themselves at home thanks to Lawrence’s high-energy cooking classes where she reveals many of her secrets, ingredients and techniques.