Working on These Fields and Want to Buy a Watch? Read This

choosing watches based on professions

Are you a pilot? Or a police officer? Or a military man? Whatever your answer is. If you’re working on one of those fields, and you want to buy yourself a good new watch, then you have to pay attention to this short guide. Because today, I will share with you some great tips that can help you achieve that mission with ease.

Firstly, if you’re a seasoned pilot, and your old watch just doesn’t help you anymore, then before buying a new one, you need to figure out the brand you want to buy from first. When talking about pilot watches, Citizen often stands out from the crowd as they often have some of the best aviation watches on the market right now.

Their pilot watches are full of helpful features like barometers, altimeters, etc. And they’re very reasonably priced as well. So, if you’re still thinking about which model to buy as a professional pilot, I strongly suggest you go straight to the Citizen website for more information.

Next, if you’re a law enforcement or police officer, and you want to replace your old malfunctioned watch, then you need to pay attention to this tip. Good police watches need to be decent at waterproof and shockproof. And they should have some basic chronograph functions as well.

Lumination is also a must-have feature if you’re looking for a great police watch. Because as a police officer, you will often have to step into dark environments, so a watch that can glow in the dark is a big plus point.

And finally, if you’re an army man, and you want to buy a new timepiece for your own use, then remember the following points. If police watches need to be tough, then a good watch for military men should be even tougher. For example, G-Shock watches for the military are considered the best choices for army men when it comes to picking up new wristwatches.

This special watch series from Casio is a well-known series, and people who owned watches from that series gave great feedback. G-Shock watches are highly resistant to all kinds of harmful environments, as well as being waterproof and shockproof so you won’t have to worry they would break in the middle of combats.