Still Finding New Martial Arts Gloves?

Still Finding New Martial Arts Gloves

First, we can talk about the purpose and the types of martial arts that you play. This will support to pick the right gloves for specific sports.

Here are a few things we should look at:

What kind of martial art do you involve?

Some martial arts require you to have around 3 types of gloves to play, others need only 1 and some ask you to expose your hand to rough rock.

For example, boxing is a tough and intense sport that you will practice continuous punching. And the punching is not literally punching, it contains sparring, show punching, real fight and punching bag. The glove used for striking a bag is often thicker than an MMA real fight glove.

The thicker the glove is, the safer the game is. If you are an amateur player, you will not know how to control your power that may cause severe damage to your classmates. Therefore, you have to use thicker gloves to practice with an opponent.

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Another example is Karate. With karate, most of the time you do not use any gloves to train. The master prefers that your fist exposes to the wooden or rocky surface. You will punch continuously to those objects with a suitable force which makes your hand stronger and tougher. The training forces your body to be a dangerous weapon that you can defeat a bull with only one punch.

However, some Karate rules applied that for the real fight, fighters have to use a small glove to protect themselves and their opponent.

Muay Thai will require another type of glove. It is thicker than an MMA glove and thinner than a boxing glove. The glove will be designed specifically for Muay Thai players who perform different styles of attacking.

What kind of training do you participate in?

As we mentioned earlier, with this sport, you have to practice different training sessions. In MMA, when you do sparring and punching bags, you should use a thicker glove and when in the real fight, you should use a thinner one. However, you can also pick a thin glove for striking bags, but it is not for beginners because a thin glove is for stronger and tougher fist that does not require much protection.

There are several tips when you are into buying a new glove.

You do not need to pick a beautiful glove because beauty means that the producer will invest more money in the design process rather than flaw and quality problems.

Asia brands are not that bad and even they are very good. Some Asia companies do very well in manufacturing the best gloves in the world that others cannot compare. Therefore, we should not ignore the companies from China, Indo and especially Thailand.