What Table Saw Blade For Ripping? – Surprise Answer for You

With thousands of saw blades serving various functions out there, figuring out what table saw blade for ripping can be a splitting headache. 

How do you know which one is the best bang for your buck? Good news: For a blade that is affordable and multifunctional, we recommend the 40T General Purpose.

40T General Purpose For Ripping

1. What is a 40T General Purpose?

A general-purpose blade is designed to simplify ripping and crosscutting, which are two distinct processes that usually involve two separate blades. As changing blades is tedious, especially with a bulky table saw, the 40T General Purpose saves time still yielding clean, satisfactory results.

The 40T stands for 40-tooth. As a rule of thumb, the more teeth a blade has, the smoother the cut is, and the fewer teeth, the faster it removes material. A 40-tooth General Purpose blade hits the sweet middle spot, removing material at a decent speed while providing a clean cut. 

2. Why a 40T General Purpose?

Versatility: The 40T General Purpose can rip and crosscut any material from plywood, melamine, veneer-faced sheet goods, to hardwoods. Whatever your crafting project requires, this blade can handle it surprisingly well.

Quality Finish: In addition to its flexibility, clean cuts are also a prized feature of the 40T General Purpose. Furthermore, with more teeth than a stand-alone ripping blade, the 40T General Purpose rips faster and leaves a comparably neater cut.

Work Comfort: Because 40 is the ideal number of teeth for a blade, not only do you get a smoother cut, but you also experience less pressure when feeding and almost no operating noise. Even when engaging in heavy tasks, such as large sheets of plywood or long rip cuts in solid wood, the 40T can do you wonders.

Cost: A general-purpose blade ranges from $40 to $150, and the good news is the difference between the $40 blade and the $150 is not significant.  A higher-end blade will perform marginally better, but since a baseline general purpose can already do wonders, your priority should be finding one that fits your budget.


Whether you are building furniture or carrying out a bigger wood project, a reliable blade that can rip and crosscut is indispensable. 

The reliable 40T General Purpose promises to provide clean basic cuts regardless of materials. The more high-end ones can also handle the more challenging hardwood with clean results. If you are interested in more specialty blades, more information can be found at https://www.discoveriesla.com