How to choose golf clubs suitable for beginners

how to choose golf club

As everyone knows with golf, choosing the right golf club for golfers is very important because the right choice will help players quickly improve the efficiency and ability to play golf.

The following article is shared by experts about the experience of choosing the right golf clubs for beginners: Some are Fairway, Irons, and Putter

A standard set of golf clubs will consist of 12 sticks: 3 wooden sticks (1,3,5); 8 iron sticks (3,4,5,6,7,8,9, PW), and 1 putter. Depending on the health of each person will choose golf clubs with different specifications. For new golfers should choose Graphite rolling clubs if female golfers should choose golf clubs with hardness L and male golfers should choose golf clubs with R hardness.

# 1  How to choose a suitable wooden stick

The wooden sticks are the sticks used to tee off and use on the fairway. When choosing a wooden stick, players should pay attention to the top of the golf club. New golfers should choose a club with a large clubhead because the larger sweet spot area helps players control the ball easily. For a driver club, also known as the No. 1 wooden club, the maximum size of the clubhead is 460cc, new players should use the driver with the maximum clubhead size

Next is the loft, the angle of play will be greater when the greater the loft will make the ball fly farther. New players should use golf clubs with loft greater than 10 degrees, professional players choose the smaller clubs 10 degrees.

# 2  How to choose an iron golf club

Irons golf clubs are usually numbered on the sticks and are used for different distances and situations. Currently, iron clubs are usually numbered 3,4,4,6,7,8,9 and P, A, S.

For new golfers should choose the Cavity Black golf clubs (the clubhead has a deep concave design on the back due to the weight allocated around the clubhead) because the weight is distributed around the head instead of the clubface. It helps reduce the head of the club being swirled to help the ball sweeter and fly in a more straight orbit.

# 3  How to choose a putter golf club

For right-handed people to practice golf more effectively, it is recommended to choose Mallet style putter, which will put the clubface perpendicular when contacting the ball and restricting the left pull (Pull).

If you’re left-handed, choose a Blade putter. This is an appropriate option because the weight is mostly in the heel of the club so you will easily rotate the clubface when it is impacted.

Above is the sharing of experts on how to choose a suitable golf club for new players.

I wish you choose the right set of golf clubs for you to not only improve your level but also stay healthy to complete a golf set that lasts more than 4 hours.

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